• Workshop "BA: Use Cases workshop"

    Workshop "BA: Use Cases workshop"

  • Are you interested in business analysis or just want to communicate more effectively with your customers and maximize your output?
  • Do you want to expand your working tool kit or to organize your scraps of knowledge?
  • Your customer and / or manager want to get "Use Cases" from you, but reading the theory does not give the desired results?

Then come to us for training and pump up your skill of using such a fundamental tool of a Business Analyst as "Use Cases" (also known as precedents of use).

What is the format?

The training will be held in an intensive format with an emphasis on practical tasks. The work will be conducted in an iterative way, gradually sinking deeper into the core of the subject.

Our workshop is going to help:

  • Business analysts / Product Providers and anyone who communicates with customers and does requirement-based work.
  • Those who plan to fill the position of a Business Analyst or a Project Manager (and those who often do business analysis in the absence of an analyst).
  • Experienced representatives of related specialties (development, testing, etc.) and newcomers to the world of software development.

The workshop program:


  • What is a "Use Case" and what is the use.
  • Basic structure. The main scenario.
  • Levels of abstraction and detail
  • Alternative scenarios and their application
  • Advanced "Use Case" format (corporate)
  • Difficulties in application and common mistakes.


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