• Workshop "BA: User Stories workshop"

    Workshop "BA: User Stories workshop"

  • Do you want to work with Agile methodologies or you are already trying, but something does not work?
  • Are you interested in the position of a Business Analyst or a Product Owner?
  • Do you want to write good and clear user stories for the team?
  • Are you looking for a good training course, but find only a dry theory and beating around the bush?

Come to us for training and enhance your skills in writing user stories and working with the product's backlog. Only the bare necessities of the theory.

What is going to happen?

The training will be held intensively with an emphasis on practical tasks. The work will be conducted in an iterative way, gradually delve into the subject.

Our workshop is going to help:

  • Business Analysts, Product Owners, Managers and anyone who wants to improve the process of writing requirements and implementing them into development.
  • Those who plan to fill the position of a Business Analyst, a Product Owner or a Project Manager.
  • Beginners in the software development world and experienced professionals who start working with Agile methodologies.

The workshop program:

  • What are User Stories and what is their value
  • Fundamentals of backlog management 
  • The formulation of a user story headline
  • Different prioritization principles and story evaluation 
  • What are the criteria of acceptance, basic approaches to writing
  • Correct and incorrect criteria
  • Examples of incoming requirements