• Workshop "Requirements Management in Agile Projects"

    Workshop "Requirements Management in Agile Projects"


  • Can't see your product in the big picture?
  • Tired of sifting for a grain of knowledge?
  • Unsure of how to gather and analyze requirements of a project?
  • Spending hours at the meetings, while writing specifications at night?
  • All this hard teamwork becomes unnecessary in the end?

We are here to help!

Moreover, we are ready to help you sort out these not so simple questions during our workshop.

How is it going to happen?

In the format of the 7-hour workshop, during which you will:

  • get the basics of requirements of management in Agile
  • learn techniques of Product Backlog management 
  • learn how to prioritize requirements from common "Vision" to specific "User Story"
  • learn how to select the most relevant product functionality for end users
  • look at the software development process from the Business Analysis perspective 
  • practice all the techniques and learn from your own mistakes

Our course is going to help:

a future Business Analyst to:

  • understand the principles of working with requirements on real projects
  • master the methods for creating and prioritizing project documentation
  • gain team work experience
  • receive advice of specialists

a practicing Business Analyst to:

  • systematize existing knowledge
  • learn new practices
  • get advice from various specialists

a Project Manager, QA Engineer, Developer to:

  • learn the ropes of a new profession 
  • understand what to expect from a Business Analyst
  • learn how to create requirements 


Early bird Justin Time LastCall
3900 грн 4500 грн 5000 грн





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