• BA Tookit: Requirements Prioritization Techniques

    BA Tookit: Requirements Prioritization Techniques

According to the statistics of the International Institute of Project Management in 2017, the change of organizational priorities is in the first place among the reasons why various projects fail. The second place is given to the mistakes made during the requirements elicitation and specification phases.  That is, in the vast majority of cases, we fail our projects precisely because we have done something wrong or not at that time, which, in its turn, indicates that the majority of us is not able to prioritize properly when we are working with any requirements. Typically, we do it intuitively and not always accurately, without reinforcing it by data. 
Hence, on numerous requests, we will try to change this situation in just 1 day. 
Firstly, we will look at the requirements from the perspective of delivering the maximum value to the client (namely, for this we are usually paid), and secondly, consider and try to put into practice the most common techniques on requirements prioritization. 

If you need tools: 

  • To prioritize a backlog; 
  • To prioritize work together with your development team; 
  • To determine the minimum set of features of your product that is important for the end users; 
  • To enter the market with a new product; 
  • To conduct an effective dialogue on how to work with your stakeholders, and business customers; 
  • To determine the financial feasibility of the entire project development; 
  • When there are different types of tasks in your backlog (new strategic features from the side of business, technical debt or requests for refactoring, bugs, requests from end users); 
  • And also, the techniques that allow an IT professional to receive the eventual priority of work, which is based on the requirements of all your stakeholders (business, team, end users and your personal opinion) 

Join us and we will explore the techniques that will help you. 
 As an example, together with the participants we will use a real backlog of the software product, which we will try to prioritize using different prioritization techniques. 

At the training each participant will be able to: 

  • manually try each prioritization technique on the real requirements of the product; compare the efficiency and simplicity of each method;
  • receive the practical skills in working properly with the requirements for their further use in your field. 

Training will teach you how: 

  • to distinguish different levels of prioritization;

  • to take into account all the factors that influence the priority;

  • choose a specific method for the requirements prioritization, taking into account the peculiarities of its application and the particularities of the situation;

  • choose the right order in which you need to consider any requirements to ensure maximum value for business and minimize your expenses; 

The training is designed for project and product managers of any levels, product owners, business analysts, QA engineers, developers, and for all those who want to know - how to properly prioritize their work. 

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