• Management 3.0 - Practical Accredited Course

    Management 3.0 - Practical Accredited Course

E5 and AgileLAB invite you to a full two-day certification course ‘Management 3.0 - Practical Course for leaders and facilitators, combined with a one-day practical course on tools and practices for facilitators.
The course has been designed for individuals or teams from companies.

Training Program

Day 1 - December 15

The first day is devoted to the theory of organizations, their growth and development, the reasons for the emergence of the need in the Management 3.0 approaches, tangible and intangible motivation, development of guilds and other aspects essential for managers and leaders for motivation, growth and development of teams and a company as a whole.
This day will be held in a chamber setting and must be visited during the full certification course.
In addition to theoretical knowledge about Change Management, Management 3.0 will cover such approaches as:

  • Business Guilds
  • Exploration Days
  • Value Stories
  • Copilot programs
  • Feedback Wraps
  • Merit Money
  • Salary Formula
  • Metrics Ecosystem
  • Project Credits
  • Celebration Grids

Day 1 audience:

  • Company Executives
  • Department Managers
  • Agile Coaches
  • Change Leaders

Day 2 – December 16

The second day is devoted to the group dynamics and is structured as a separate one-day team-building workshop, including topics and tools for launching and restarting teams in a company, among them:

  • Personal Maps
  • Delegation
  • Moving Motivators
  • Meet Helen
  • Company Growth
  • Kudo Cards

Day 2 audience:
The work takes place in groups of 4 or 6 people at tables, preferably from one company, to achieve the best result in understanding the tools and the opportunity to reproduce this workshop in your company.
The first-day visitors (of the full certification course) invite colleagues from their company to form a team (table).
Individual participants will be formed into teams (tables) from different companies.

The Certification:

  • Participants who have visited both days, receive  official nominal ‘Management 3.0 Standard 2-Days Course’ certificates, and in the future, they can qualify for accreditation to conduct official training and workshops in their company;
  • Participants who have visited only the second day receive Management 3.0 Workout Workshop certificates, and they possess sufficient practical knowledge to apply Management 3.0 basic set of tools to a team/company. To achieve a good result, we recommend participating in the course in groups from companies.
  • Participants who have visited only the first day but have previously visited Workshop Workout with their teams in a corporate format will receive official nominal Management 3.0 Standard 2-Days Course certificate, and in the future, they can qualify for accreditation to conduct official training and workshops in their company.
Management 3.0 Standart 2-Days Course