• Project Manager Pro: Mindset

    Project Manager Pro: Mindset


In the IT industry, project management skills are mandatory not only for project managers themselves but also for related specialties. At the Project Manager Pro: Mindset training, we will discuss in detail and train the skills needed for a Project Manager currently to fulfill the role on various projects successfully.

The training will help you:

  • Understand what skills a successful project manager needs today.
  • What problems can happen with the development of these skills and how to solve them successfully
  • What responsibilities are placed on a Project Manager in organizations today
  • How to cultivate proactivity, perseverance, and achievement of goals and not to forget to strike a good work & life balance
  • Determine the level of happiness in your team and a host of other things!

Who is the training useful for:

  • Agile Transformation Agents and Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Tech / Team Leads and anyone involved in managing successful teams

Training program:

Module 1. Project Manager’s World.

  • What is Project Management? What traits/skills does a Project Manager possess?
  • What approach is it better to choose to develop necessary skills? Overcoming obstacles on the way to a Project Manager.
  • What should a Project Manager expect in the future? Reviews of Leading Business Intelligence Software Companies and Project Management.
  • Project Manager’s functions in organizations. How to prioritize your work and not to get involved in tasks outside the scope of your responsibilities?

Module 2. Project Manager’s Engine.

  • Development of proactive behavior. Responsibility/authority in decision making.
  • Focus on quality and/or a result. Which victories are more important?
  • Perseverance as a key element of the Project Manager’s success.
  • Ability to set achievable goals, delegate and monitor implementation.
  • Development of creativity.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Leadership styles. The influence of the leader on the situation, people, time.
  • 100% motivation. Self-motivation and team motivation. Moving Motivators.
  • What is emotional intelligence needed for and how to use it effectively? Empathy development tools.
  • Vitality – a project manager’s energy harmony.

Module 3. Project Manager’s Visibility

  • Managing for Happiness. Managing the Happiness Index for a team. 12 Steps to Project Manager’s Success. Relationship Management with stakeholders, management, counterparties.
  • Effective Presentations. Project reports, business cases.
  • Public performances.
  • Project Manager Sales. Selling a project and yourself to a business.
  • Conflict management: Improvement Dialogues – defining a respondent’s intrinsic motivation, negative and aggressive buffering, constructive confrontation
  • Project Manager as a change agent (Management 3.0). 5 models to deal with changes at work.
  • STAR behavior analysis – team member’s behavioral analysis.
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