• Project Manager Pro: Tools

    Project Manager Pro: Tools


Project Manager’s toolkit is quite varied today: it includes a lot of tools for successful project management.
At the Project Manager Pro: Tools training, we will look in detail at the tools that are needed to make your project successful!

The training will help you:

  • Grasp major trends and modern tools in project management
  • Understand how to determine whether your organization is ready to implement project management processes and the maturity of the organization itself
  • What are the standards/methodologies/processes in project management?
  • What is PMO and how to build it in your company?
  • What are project management software products?
  • How to understand the status of a project and whom to notify at what stage, as well as many other tools for successful project management!

Who is the training useful for:

  • Agile Transformation Agents and Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Tech / Team Leads and anyone involved in managing successful teams

Training program

  1. Project Management: Business Driven Project Management.
  • Project Management: where we are. Major trends, modern project management tools.
  • Contemporary stereotypes (misconceptions) about project management. How to avoid stereotypes and how they affect the project success?
  • Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3). Is the business ready for the implementation of project management in a company?
  • Overcoming obstacles to project management in an organization.
  1. Project Management: From Chaos to Order
  • Comprehensible set of project manager’s standards/methodologies/processes in project management.
  • A process approach to project management.
  • The three-level project management model. How does it work?
  • PMO from scratch. Where to begin?
  • Organizational structures of project management in companies, their advantages and disadvantages. What structure is the most effective?
  • The integration of project processes in the company's process map.
  • Hybrid projects. What should you do with them?
  1. Project Management: True Toolkit
  • Business case - the project support fundamentals from the business side.
  • How to carry out a project? Project management software.
  • Selecting the project management methodology: Waterfall, AgileFamily (Scrum, SAFe, Nexus, Spotify, etc.), Hybrid, taking into account business requirements.
  • Is documentation needed on a project? The best toolkit for a project manager
  • Reporting: to whom, how often, in what form?
  • Managing dependencies on a project / between projects.
  • Efficient resource planning.
  • Dream Team. Team management tools at various project phases.
  • Teamwork analysis tool. Celebration grid table.
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