• Training "JIRA as an effective tool for organizing the work of the project team"

    Training "JIRA as an effective tool for organizing the work of the project team"

The target audience:

  • Project Managers, Project Team Leaders who plan to organize the work on a JIRA-based project;
  • Project participants involved in organizing teamwork and plan to do this based on JIRA.

Reasons to take the training:

  • If you choose a tool for efficient work organization in the project team, and you are considering JIRA, then the training will help you to learn about the main advantages of the tool and its potential, the first steps that need to be performed to organize teamwork with the help of JIRA;
  • If you are already working in JIRA, but you constantly have questions about how to organize your work, how to do it effectively, how to change/improve the working process in JIRA, then during the training you will receive recommendations and tips on how to build the working process, what settings to perform to get additional benefits from working in JIRA. 
  • If you plan to start or have already started building the working process on a project using the Scrum approach, then during the training you will learn how JIRA will help you reach the goal, learn how to configure and use the Scrum board, how to organize basic Scrum activities, how to analyze basic reports – A burndown chart, the Velocity Chart, the Sprint Report.

The Trainer

Tatiana Romanova, a Process Manager at Softengi, is engaged in building business processes on IT projects, adapting them to the customer’s needs, and monitoring the implementation of the processes. Also, she performs business administration of such systems as JIRA, Confluence, SharePoint Portal and is responsible for teaching working processes to new employees on the project. In addition, Tatyana has working experience in managing internal projects on developing tools that have facilitated the work of many project managers in the company.


  • A small group of up to 20 people. That will allow you to get answers to all questions and understand how the tool works if you see it for the first time.
  • Absolutely practical training: you will immediately put each theoretical block into practice (bring your laptops with you).
  • Access to JIRA, which you will have for another month for further independent practice.

Special features

The training is 100% practical and will be held in a small group of people, so the instructor will be able to pay enough attention to each participant and answer all your questions. You will receive not only theoretical knowledge on the use of JIRA but will also be able to try to use this knowledge in practice immediately during the training. Also, you will receive additional recommendations with real-life examples.

As a result of the training, you will be able to:

  • Start working in JIRA, even if you have never done it.
  • Effectively use JIRA so that it becomes an assistant in your work and the work of your team.
  • Set up your Scrum project and efficiently organize your team’s work.
  • Analyze the main Scrum reports and make decisions based on them.

Prices subject to payment:

  • Until October 14 - 1500 UAH
  • Until November 2 - 1800 UAH
  • From November 3 - 2000 UAH


- What are JIRA and its terminology

  • a request
  • a project
  • an interrelationship of concepts
  • a basic business process

- Purpose of using JIRA
- Interface
- Work on a project that is using the Scrum approach

  • project creation
  • creation of a Scrum board and setting it up
  • task creation
  • sprint initiation
  • work with tasks (Story) within a sprint
  • a sprint closure
  • Analysis of a Burndown Chart, a Sprint Report, the Velocity Chart

- Additional recommendations the use of JIRA on projects (Best Practices)
- Additional JIRA features

What do you need to bring with you? - your laptop