• Training "Kanban: stop starting, start finishing"

    Training "Kanban: stop starting, start finishing"


Many have heard about Agile, Scrum, Kanban, but not all clearly understand all differences between them, and which one is best to use in which case. We want to focus on Kanban and show how it can be implemented into your project and what would the benefits be!

What to expect?

  • The format of a one-day workshop, during which you will:
  • get an understanding of Lean & Kanban
  • learn the main differences between Kanban and Scrum
  • determine when it is better to use Kanban and when to use Scrum
  • practice implementing Kanban and learn from your own mistakes

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The Course:

  • Lean and Kanban: what are they?
  • Kanban in terms of software development
  • Kanban vs Scrum: when is the best time to use each one?
  • What is ScrumBan?
  • How to measure Kanban?


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