Consulting and Training Company E5

E5 is a team of professionals in software development, business analysis, project and product management along with Agile software development methodologies. We help IT professionals enhance their knowledge and skills, as a consequence grow professionally.

We believe that a person who has achieved any success can achieve everything through constant development. The world is moving at a fast pace, and the world of IT is twice as fast. The consulting company Е5 encourages sustainable self-improvement. Our slogan is “Improve yourself continuously!”


What are we doing?

We carry out certification and standard training courses, workshops, webinars, organize open meetings, consult and practice coaching.


Consulting company Е5: what are the advantages?

  • Our trainers, who are participants and leaders of numerous successful projects, have considerable hands-on experience. We are convinced that theory without practice is just building castles in the air, and practice without theory is a continuous “reinvention of the wheel.”
  • We employ innovative teaching methods; our training sessions are interesting and fascinating. The acquired knowledge can be instantly used in real projects.
  • Would you like to become an Information Technology Specialist?

Take advantage of the services that our consulting company offers. Kyiv is a city where the IT market is rapidly evolving and offering plenty of opportunities. We look forward to seeing you!

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