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The word KaiZen is of Japanese origin and cosists of two words:改- change (English - kai) and善– good (English - zen). In a nutshell, it is a Japanese philosophy that focuses mainly on continuous improvement of processes in production, development, management and auxiliary ones long with all common life aspects.
Everybody is involved into continuous improvement: managers to workers. And it requires quite litte material expenses. KaiZen philosophy presumes that our life on the whole (work, social and private) is aimed at continuous improvement. In software development this philosophy is represented both by a separate methodology P2M and a practices set on Lean production.


Initially ITKaiZenClub was designed as an event where IT people will be able to discuss questions related to software development management, to share their knowledge and to get answers to their daily questions. Eventually, ITKaiZenClub has become a full-scale community of managers, analysts and professionals in IT, being live and open to new meetings and ideas. So far we meet in Kyiv only, but we do hope these communities will emerge all over Ukraine and even world ;)
We are happy to invite all those who are interested to attend our gatherings.
The schedule of the next meetings can be found in our events calendar! And reports on our previous meetings can be seen in our blog, here and here.
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ITKaiZenClub free trainings and meetings that already took place

 Our first ITKaiZenClub meeting


Users and their Stories

We talked about how to use correctly one of the major techniques of writing requirements in Agile – a user story and what major antipatterns are. We discussed why this new format has ever had to emerge, wht the advantages are and what gray areas can arise while using stories.

Requirements management during Agile transformation

We talked about how approaches to requirements management change at different phases of a product company functioning. Taking real life cases we examined the most common change stages of the IT company organigram and defined their impact on managing customers’ and users’ software requirements.


Efficient communication

 How to hold short and effective meetings? How to negotiate with employees, a manager, customres? How to compose meeting minutes not to lose any single item? How write a letter that will be read? How to pose a question to get an exhaustive answer and not a formal reply? We answered these ones and some others when talking about IT communications.

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