• IT consulting of process development software

    IT consulting of process development software

IT consulting of process development software

Would you like to take your company to the next level, increase its efficiency?

We offer consultation and practical assistance in the organization of the software development process. Our consultants have extensive practical experience and will be able to resolve many of the problems that lead you to a dead end.

We deliver the following IT consultancy services:

  • Agile transformation – assisting your organization with transferring to Agile with highly effective IT strategies. We help you to choose an optimal project framework for your company, develop a plan for its implementation and successfully implement it.
  • Scrum or Kanban injection - an introduction and adaptation of the most popular Agile frameworks - Scrum or Kanban to your company and business.
  • SAFe injection - an implementation or improvement of one of the most popular methodologies for scaling Agile to large organizations - the Scaled Agile Framework.
  • Business analysis and value management consulting – determination and customization of efficient business analysis and product management processes to maximize the benefits of business development.
  • HR consulting - analysis and optimization of the HR processes, standardization of practices, enhancement of the employee motivation system.

In any case, we guarantee custom-based  development of the plan and, most importantly, the identification of KPI, based on which we will be able to measure the effectiveness of changes.

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How does business consulting work?

Step 1. Analysis of Needs.

Along with our consultants, we identify the request, which is currently relevant to your business. We formulate the problem which we are going to solve.

Step 2. Creation of an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals

A detailed plan will be developed to restructure the processes, a list of training courses / organizational changes that would need to be undergone. 

Step 3. IT Consulting and Coaching

During the implementation phase we continue to assist and advise the client regarding the implementation of the development plan. Additionally, we monitor the progress and dynamics of change. If necessary, we will adjust the original plan.

As a result, you will:

  1. receive a brand new streamlined approach to developing IT solutions and maximizing the efficiency of business processes
  2. optimize work of the IT department 
  3. improve staff productivity and motivation

To get on your way of improving and optimizing the process, it is very important to take an outside view and receive an impartial advice. Consultation from E5 implies effective solutions that accelerate the development of your business

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