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    IT projects management

IT projects management

Who is Project Manager in IT

Project Manager is a professional who administers the project on the whole. He needs to guide the customer’s concept till implementation in a certain timeframe using certain resources. He gets enough authority to plan the budget on his own, to establish goals, to organize teams, to analyze risks, to monitor the project etc.
 A manager’s tasks fall into three categories:

  • efficient tasks completion, high level of customer satisfaction maintaining;
  • financial goals achievement;
  • team motivation, conflicts prevention.

To achieve goals efficiently a project manager needs knowledge of planning, organizing and managing resources.Project management trainings help get acquire this knowledge.
If you want to start a career of an IT project manager, it is important for you to attend these trainings. IT project management is a peculiar branch of management, therefore, the methods of managing a project team and resources are also specific. Except for personal leadership qualities, specific knowledge and skills come handy. We offer to acquire them in the course of fascinating lectures and establish their knowledge in real life cases and business games with the help of a trainer.

Project management methodologies

Agile software development is more and more popular in IT project management. This is an accelerating project management methodology. It helps minimize risks by means short (2-3 weeks) development cycles. There exist a lot of frameworks approaches of which are based on Agile methodologies. The most popular ones are Scrum and Kanban. We offer both of them in our IT project management trainings.
We invite you to attend our project management trainings and obtain athe neccassiry knowledge to run your projects successfully.

IT MANAGER'S TOOLKIT video tutorial
A manager’s job requires various skills. It takes quite long to enhance every single of them.
The key to success is good theory basis and lots of practice. We extracted maximum of handy theory to share with you in a series of Manager’s toolkit webinars.

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