• Scrum Methodologies

    Scrum Methodologies

Scrum Methodologies

What is Scrum

Today Scrum is the most popular Agile framework.it is based on time-management principles and assumes all team members involvement, where every team member has his own specific role.

Scrum methodologies

Scrum methodologies has its own specifics – daily standups called Daily Scrums where every team member accounts for the work he completed on the previous day. The main task of the Daily Scrum is early problem identification and problem solution on strategy change. Many think that if their team holds daily standups they follow Scrum. No, Daily Scrums are only one of the instruments of this framework. The basis of Scrum is the Sprint which lasts 1 week to a month. At the end of every Sprint a new functional version of a product should be demonstrated. Therefore, standup meetings serve only to identify the status and the progress of work in the current Sprint.

Our Scrum courses

How to correctly implement Scrum methodology maintain team motivation? You will get it and other topics after attending our Scrum courses. We will also touch upon organizing several Scrum teams who work on one product simultaneously, as well as typical problems they encounter and ways to solve them. You will have a lot of real life tasks and opportunities to implement the theory here and now. You will also see the group dynamics to get ready to implement such a favorable solution as Scrum is. After our training you will have a clear picture of a Scrum framework and inevitable desire to try it with your team!

Scrum Fundamentals Video Tutorial

In the video «Scrum Fundamentals» we will go into the details of Scrum. It will give you all the necessary knowledge of work in the Agile и Scrum environment as well as opportunity to launch it in your project.

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