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Product management

What is product management

Product management is an organizational function of the company that plan the product or product marketing at all and every stage of its life-cycle. “Product management” is also a generic term describing various activities aimed at placing a product on the market.
Product management combines functions of marketing communications, the art of sales and product development.

Product manager in IT

Product manager in IT is responsible for two aspects: product quality and demand for it on the market. He has to organize the production flow efficiently and to be in a constant contact with developers, visual designers, SEO, UX/UI specialists as well as end users. Keeping an eye on marketing aspects product manager monitors competitors, he is on the lookout of the new niches, develops the pricing policy etc.
 What skills should product manager possess? First of all, to formulate business goal, to create projects from scratch and to organize a team. Furthermore, he should really be able to work under pressure and to seek for efficient compromise. Of course, his skillset is not limited to this as the employees are really picky. But it is no big deal if you are willing to learn and to self-improve.

We offer Product management courses

Product management training is a fascinating interactive course for those willing to make a good career in IT. Our trainers are practicing professionals who completed a number of successful projects, discovered all stumblers in product management area and are now sharing their knowledge.
You will come to understand all the process that influence company’s running business and its budget. You will learn not only to create marketable products on your own but also to make successful business decisions to promote them.
Lectures, practical tasks (lots of practice!), cases will all be just exciting. Our course will teach you how to organize the product management process in a correct way, and will enable you to use product manager’s basic instruments. Come join us. You will profit of it.

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